David Walker

David Walker Fragrances, established in 2004 within the body of AGGUL-ZARA KOZMETIK with its years experience , our company have continuously been developing itself since the date of its establishment and taken its place near the top in the sector in a short time. Now we gained the satisfaction and fidelity of the consumers and served as a model to leading manufacturers of the sectors. Today David Walker Fragrances not just offers top quality products , meanwhile pursues a much more ambitious goal: the success of its customers throughout the world. On top of being an excellent supplier, David Walker Fragrances has became a business ally in the search of better solutions for its customers.
David Walker Perfumes , through its presence in Turkey and worldwide, now stands not only as a manufacturer &supplier but as a partner in the business strategy of its clients.
This business formula, which is based upon the high quality products and services that David Walker Perfumes provides and which is targeted at meeting the needs of every customer among the millions of its local and worldwide customers.

Our vision

David Walker Fragrances,commit to work with the highest quality standards, efficiency and effectiveness. We act responsibly and ful fill our commitments. We develop our activities in an honest, fair, ethical, respectful and transparent manner. We have an open discourse and consistent with our actions on people, environment, community, customers and entities with whom we interact. We value life and health of every person. We believe that caring for people is an organizational commitment, personal and social, which is lived at work and private life of each individual.
We encourage people to work in an integrated and coordinated manner. We value the personal backgrounds and the skills of each individual promoting the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences, stimulating working together. We treat people with respect, dignity and courtesy to build trust relationships. We face challenges and work creatively. Encourage the development of flexible and diverse approaches to the work of our business, constantly looking for better solutions and different ways to achieve our goals.


David Walker Fragrances with its aim to offer the best products to its customers, is sure about the quality of its products that reaches to the customers with careful quality controls carried out in all phases of manufacturing. Therefore David Walker Fragrances provides costumers satisfaction in preeminent level. We strive to use as many natural components as possible and ensure the fragrances are highly concentrated to give our clients the ultimate perfume experience.

Why David Walker ?

David Walker Fragrances is committed to the sustainable development of its own business by integrating within its work, the care and respect of people working in its facilities, the environment, the legalization and the future development, David Walker Fragrances is committed to:
Deliver to our customers, quality products that meet the standards engaged, grant attention and service to ensure a long-term relationship and of mutual benefit.
David Walker Fragrances have different graceful showroom concept that makes us different than other branded perfumes.
We are providing attractive packing and bottle quality to our customers. We value our customers and global partners requirements in all phases of manufacturing , Research and Development and Quality control. We have been carrying out our manufacturing by using raw materials that comply with EU quality norms in our own manufacturing plant under the supervision of Ministry of Health and production standards that are obliged by Ministry of Health in Turkey.
David Walker Fragrances always value its customers in all fields: perfumes selection, sales and support, customers feedback and complains. And continue working with its R&D department for creation of new and different types of products that helps its customers to select the products as per requirements.
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